Bio: Hey everyone, I'm Sara! I am a 26 year old born and raised Canadian girl. I also just so happen to be a first-time blogger so bear with me! I hold an Honours Degree in Sociology and have been working in the court system for 5 years. I love to write, and I absolutely LOVE fashion, cooking, baking and taking photos. I am certainly not a professional when it comes to these things but I love learning new things and experimenting in these fields. My hopes for this blog are that I can inspire readers with my posts while showcasing how to do fashion, beauty and cooking all on a budget! I've always been HUGE into shopping and keeping up with trends, but not so much on spending a fortune. Over the years I have gained quite the collection of clothing, shoes, jewelry etc at the very best price I can find. I will share with you my favourite stores to shop at, and how to to get those fashion steals. One of my goals is also to post pictures on how to get that runway or celebrity style without the A-list price-tag. I cannot wait to start this new experience and hear what you guys think! xoxo Sara

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