TIME for a new watch: Daniel Wellington Review

There is nothing more TIMEless and classic than a Daniel Wellington watch! This is exactly why I have started looking into getting one! My go-to watches have always been either my rose gold or black Michael Kors. Its not that I don’t like them anymore, but I figured it was time to throw a little versatility into the mix, and that’s exactly what a DW watch has to offer!

When you visit the Daniel Wellington website it won’t take you long to realize the minimalistic beauty and story behind their watches.

With many different interchangeable bands to choose from this watch is one of the most coveted items on the market right now! My personal favourites are the Classic Sheffield Lady for the classy lady of course, and the Classy Sheffield with Swarovski crystals replacing the numeric dials (I am all about sparkle everything and anything!)

Which style do you guys like better, I’m really stuck between these two! I wear a lot of silver jewellery so I think for me, I would be best suited with the silver details with a black band. I just love how this is a watch that could be styled day-to-day and can be fancied-up or casual depending on your style.


                                     Women’s Classic Sheffield with silver accents and black leather band


                  Women’s Classy Sheffield with silver accents/ Swarovski crystal dials and black leather band

These watches are reasonable priced around $199.00 but there are always fellow bloggers that have 15% discount codes to offer so keep an eye out for those! I’m all for affordable fashion finds and although some may think the price of this watch isn’t inexpensive you have to think about how timeless this piece is and how it is something that can be kept forever even while trends are constantly changing.

I am going to have to save up for one of these watches, or maybe, just maybe, I will be one of those lucky bloggers that gets sent a beautiful watch from Daniel Wellington directly. I have a huge passion for fashion and quite the jewellery collection and it would be amazing to add this exquisite piece to it. I would love to share how I would style this particular watch, so stay tuned! 🙂  I’d love to hear from any of you who have purchased one of these watches and what you think of them, how you picked yours out, and how you style it!

xoxo Sara

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One thought on “TIME for a new watch: Daniel Wellington Review

  1. Ugh I have been wanting a Daniel Wellington watch so badly. I have a watch obsession. I have 4 marc jacob watches and 1 michael kors so one of these bad boys needs to enter my collection. I am personally a fan of the first watch.


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