These Boots Were Made For Walking!

A Match Made In Heaven…

My favourite snakeskin print Michael Kors bag found its perfect match with these snakeskin print platform-heel leather boots from Town Shoes.


I waited till the season’s end and then I swooped in to a Town Shoes Outlet store and picked up these totally amazing boots MAJORLY on sale! These boots are Town Shoes very own brand and retail for about $150.00 I came in at the perfect time as they were marked down an addition 70% off the sticker price!!! With taxes all in I paid around $50.00 for these boots, $100.00 in savings!!!

I of course was drawn in by the snakeskin leather print as it matched PERFECTLY with my MK bag that I use everyday. Right then I knew it was meant to be and I had to get them…they also only happened to have one size 8.5 left (my size), it was my lucky day! I also really liked how extremely comfortable these boots are because of the added platform heel at the front. If you take a look at the heel you’ll notice it’s quite high so this added platform makes them super easy to walk in and I didn’t have to compromise on heel height!


Since Spring is just around the corner I am getting all the use I can out of these fabulous boots while I still can before I ditch the black and leather for white and florals!

xoxo Sara


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