Snowboarding Snowman Gift

I love to shop and I just love Christmas and this tends to shine through in the gifts I give every year!

This year was my best wrapped present yet!

My boyfriend was heading out to do some snowboarding so I thought of a creative way to wrap his present. While the goggles, hat and mitts were part of his gift there were also three boxes containing more gifts such as sweaters etc.

This little guy looked cute under the tree and it was so nice seeing my boyfriend’s face when he received this!

All I did was use a mostly white wrapping paper, you could use all white if you’d like. Stack three on top of each other and have the top one laying vertically instead of horizontally. This made it easier to stretch the goggles out on since it was a less wide surface. I didn’t want to permanentely stretch the goggles so I did this right before I gave it to him. I used some sticks from the garden and tied some extra ribbon I had around the neck to make the scarf. I used a permanent marker to add the finishes touches to my snowboarding snow-man and some orange construction paper for the carrot nose! 🙂



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