Country-Girl Barbie Cake

This cake was a huge hit and one of the simplest ones I’ve made to date! I made this particular one for a Birthday but it could be for just about anything! This is a great budget-friendly, quick and simple cake anyone can make!

I baked two different sized round cakes and stacked them on top of one another. I opted for plain vanilla but you can go with any cake of your choice! I used plain vanilla icing and added a small amount of green dye.

image   image

I got the fondont-look by heating up the icing right in the container for 10 seconds at a time. Next you pour this over the top of your cake while spinning it. All the extra will drip off the sides so you can simply scrape it with a spatula to get the extras and continue with this process a couple times until smooth! This is a great alternative to get the fondont look without having to spend the money on real fondont!

The Barbie I got from Dollar Tree for only $1.40! I highly recommend finding one like this we Barbies can be pricey! The toy tractor I got from Dollarama for $1.00!

image    image

I used red popsicle sticks to make it look like a fence  make sure to tell your guests that these aren’t edible!

I finished it all off my finely grinding up mint chocolate chip girl guide cookies to put around the base of the cake to look like dirt– You could use any chocolate cookie of your choice!

image    image


VOILA! Your country-girl Barbie cake is complete, just like that!


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