1 Pair Of Oxblood Jeans, 6 Different Looks!

It’s been a while since my last post and I am finally back at it after a busy month! 🙂

Oxblood, burgundy, maroon, or wine...whatever you want to call them this colour continues to be one of the hottest colours for the fall/winter season! I bought my pair last year at Winners for $19.00 when the colour really started becoming popular…a whole season later and I’m still loving them! This colour is extremely versatile and you can pair these jeans with many different top combinations! I got a skinny pair that aren’t skin-tight and are tight at the ankle, they fit great inside boots and look great with a pump!

Look 1:

For this look I opted for a cheetah-print zippered blouse. I got this particular blouse recently on sale at Suzy Shier. It’s got front button pockets, a full-fron zipper as well as optional buttons if you want to roll the sleeves up.The accents are a brushed gold which matched nicely with the print and coloured jeans. I topped it all off with one of my favourite hats. I got this oxblood felt hat on sale at H & M at the end of the winter season last year. I love the little braided details with two golden feathers that hang down (adds a nice touch to a simple hat!) This is a great look you can wear out or for a casual day at the office with pumps or heeled booties!

IMG_0139 IMG_0152   IMG_0171

Look 2: 

I just LOVE army print lately, and I just so happen to really love this sweater! It’s a Forever 21fleece hooded grey sweatshirt that has the army vest attached to it. There’s a front zipper and drawstrings as well as four front pockets. I couldn’t resist buying it when I saw it on the shelf! It can also be warn in the fall as a light coat! I finished this look off with my white converse shoes, my go-to runners- make every look comfortable AND stylish!

IMG_0172  IMG_0175  IMG_0179

Look 3: 

This is a great way to stay warm on those cold winter days/nights! I paired this marled cream coloured sweater with a zippered faux-fur vest. The sweater I got from Winners a few months back and the vest a few years ago from Forever 21. I went for a orangey-brown ankle bootie from Suzy Shier to complete this look!

IMG_0181   IMG_0188   IMG_0189

Here’s a closer look at this awesome fest! It has faux-leather buckles at the neckline which I just leave opened since I never zip the vest up. AND to make it even better it comes with pockets!!


Look 4: 

One of my favourites is this Michael Kors two-toned button up jean shirt! I got it from Marshalls for half the price that it sells in retail stores! It’s got darker jean coloured pockets and trim and brushed gold buttons. It helps that it’s extremely comfortable too! I rolled up the sleeves and attached it with the adjustable strap that clips onto the arm of the shirt, or it can be worn down. Since I kept this look pretty simple I went for the large hat again and the orangey-brown booties for a little bit of a contrast.

IMG_0193   IMG_0196   IMG_0200

Look 5:

This is my classy but casual nautical office look. It gives me serious Kate Middleton vibes with the skinny jean, striped shirt, blazer and simple pump! This navy cracked-leather blazer with white trim and gold buttons I got from Marshalls. The navy striped long-sleeve sweater is from Forever 21– a great way to stay warm at the office in the winter. The black leather pump are from Nine West that were seriously on sale! These are my most comfortable pair of heels with a small 3 inch heel–I wear them all the time!

IMG_0204    IMG_0206    IMG_0210


Look 6: 

I love my Danier leather jacket! It’s simple but adds edge to any look. I paired it with a leopard/skull print scarf and my Nine West black pumps! This would be a great look for going out with friends or date night!

IMG_0212   IMG_0217   IMG_0220  IMG_0222Come visit again soon! xoxo


3 thoughts on “1 Pair Of Oxblood Jeans, 6 Different Looks!

    • Thank you!!! I got this one from H&M at the end of the winter season last year! They have similar ones there now. The colour is hard to come by but its definitely a statement!


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