FALL Into Fashion!

Although we are already well into Fall, I wanted to share my Fall fashion finds over the past couple of weeks. I’m not a fan of cold weather and have always loved the warmth and sun. But…living in Canada there’s not much I can do about the frigid temperatures so I might as well take it as an opportunity to buy some wallet-friendly Fall clothes! Details of where to get each item appears in a bulleted list at the end of each section. Feel free to comment if you’re curious about any of the items you see here and I’d be happy to help!

Everyday Essentials:


IMG_3457 IMG_3465


  IMG_3483 1088231                            Lindsay Lohan heads to 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'                 article-2718604-2050966200000578-329_306x726                main.original

IMG_3467 IMG_3466

IMG_3461                            IMG_3459


IMG_3471 IMG_3472

IMG_3468 IMG_3469 IMG_3492

IMG_3464                        IMG_3458


       IMG_3503      katy-perry-leopard-fuzz-rihanna-dinner__oPt

                IMG_3504  IMG_3500

  • 3/4 Cheetah Print sweater in cream/black (Forever 21)
  • Cream/ Salt & Pepper knit Sweater (Winners)
  • White/Black Grid Blouse T-Shirt (Forever 21) — Similar style seen on Heidi Klum!
  • White/Black V-Neck Sweater (Winners)– Similar style seen on Jaime King, Lindsay Lohan, Kris Jenner, and Alessandra Ambrosio (who paid around $200.00 for a very similar sweater.
  • White raised crocodile design sweater (Forever 21) This design is HUGE this season, you’ll see it popping up in stores everywhere!
  • Black sleeves with floral quilted front sweater (Winners)
  • Army vest with attached grey hoodie (Forever 21)
  • Army skinny jeans (Winners)– Won’t be wearing these two army items together (a bit too much for me!)
  • Black pleather snakeskin t-shirt with back zipper (Winners)– This t-shrt is made of out surprisingly think material!
  • Leopard-print straight leg pants (Zara)– I’m a sucker for leopard and sales so when these came on sale on the website it was heaven-sent!
  • Mauve/Black snakeskin workout tights (Marshalls)– I wear them with an oversized sweater
  • “Today is a new beginning” tank (Winners)
  • Salt & Pepper coloured drawstring sweatpants with zippered ankles (Forever 12)–I don’t wear sweatpants a lot but when I do this is a fun way to stay comfy and look stylish!
  • ABS Brand dark jean jacket (Winners)– I had two light coloured jean jackets and was waiting to find a dark one to add to my wardrobe (perfect for Fall!)
  • Colourful Aztek 3/4 sleeve raglan top (Forever 21)– Looks great with burgundy jeans!
  • Lightly distressed jean overalls (Winners) — Overall shorts became a staple in my summer wardrobe so I was excited when I found overall pants for the Fall/Winter)
  • Pink/yellow fuzzy cheetah sweater (Forever 21)– Similar style seen on Katy Perry (I LOVE these type of sweaters!)
  • Navy blue multicoloured plaid sweater (Forever 21)
  • Blue Perforated Franco Sarto Leather Flats (Winners)– Look great with skinny jeans!

Office Outfits:


Dressing for the office can be a tricky task! I like to mix some of my everyday essentials with dress pants/blazers for chic-professional office attire.

                                     IMG_3442     IMG_3447

                                       IMG_3444  IMG_3449

IMG_3450          IMG_3446


  • Mauve and yellow polka dotted blouse (Marshalls)– On the hunt for yellow skinny jeans that match the polka dots!
  • Black floral/grid T-Shirt Blouse (Winners)– This is an extremely versatile top that I wear both at the office and outside with jeans.
  • Navy/cream abstract T-Shirt Blouse(Winners) –Similar to the one mentioned above this top pairs perfectly with dark-washed jeans.
  • Cream/navy striped tweed blazer with pleather accents (Winners)
  • Fit & Flare Black Skirt with sheer detail (Winners)– When I saw this skirt I just HAD to get it. It’s a skirt that’s very classy and sophisticated but could also be dressed down. I saw this same skirt being worn by fashion guru Lainey Lui on the television show The Social (highly recommend the show!)
  • Hot Pink Blazer (Suzy Shier)– Any chance I get to add some pop of colour to my work wardrobe I take it!
  • Black/grey/burgundy Plaid Straight Leg Dress Pants (Suzy Shier)– Not your everyday black slacks! I paired this with a simple grey tank and a burgundy blazer with a large statement necklace! Officially making it’s comeback everyone is mad for plaid!

Magnificent Michael Kors:


It may be tough to find Micheal Kors items at Winners, Marshalls,etc–but when you do GRAB them as fast as you can because these don’t last long on the shelves. Because they a lot cheaper than you would pay at the actual store and it’s a well-known brand everyone will be fighting you for these!

IMG_3481                 IMG_3482

IMG_3477                 IMG_3478

IMG_3475           IMG_3476



  • Black cotton shirt with “MK” gold buttons down the front and on sleeves (Winners)– This is a comfy shirt but with the gold accents you can get away with it being fancier
  • Navy and white cracked leather blazer (Marshalls)– When I saw this blazer I knew it was going to have a steep price tag but it’s one of those “WOW” pieces. Once I tried it on I couldn’t resist buying it, it’s like it was made for me!
  • Dark-wash skinny jeans with gold zipper detailing with “MK” logo (Marshalls)– I have two other pairs of MK jeans and they fit like a glove so I was pleased to find a fancier pair.
  • Two-toned chambray shirt with “MK” accent buttons (Marshalls)–  I might just have to go for the Canadian Tuxedo and pair this with a wash of jeans that matches! This shirt can be left down or rolled up with buttons to attach!

Coming up next on the blog –> Baby shower cake-pops and mini ice-cream cone cupcakes tutorial (and the outfit I wore of course!)


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